Top 11 Best Boxing Shoes: Amazing Guide To Finding The Perfect Pair

Top 11 Best Boxing Shoes: Amazing Guide To Finding The Perfect Pair

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When you’re training or fighting in the boxing ring, you want to focus on your technique, not on the pain in your feet.

You don’t want to wear shoes that are too tight or too loose. Neither you want to spend a fortune on shoes that will get destroyed after one fight. 

If you’re looking for the best boxing shoes, we have some suggestions for you.

Wearing the wrong boxing shoes during a fight or workout can cause you to slip up, lose your balance, or otherwise lose focus.

These distractions can take you out of your game and leave you vulnerable to injury. 

Looking for the right boxing shoes can be a challenge. The market is flooded with different brands and styles of boxing shoes, making it difficult to find the right pair. 

You want a shoe that will last and provide the support you need, but you also want something that looks good and is comfortable.

With this article, we make it easy to find the perfect pair of boxing shoes by explaining what each type of shoe does and how it can help you improve your game.

  • Budget Pick

    Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoe for Men u0026amp; Women

    • Incredibly lightweight shoes allowing explosive and quick foot movements
    • Flexible grooved soles provide stable grip for perfect traction in the ring
    • The cushioned insole and breathable mesh upper allows excellent ventilation and keeps your feet cool
  • Best Value

    Reebok Boot Boxing Shoe

    • It comes with its unique mid-cut design for added stability and support
    • Exceptionally cushioned midsole for shock absorption
    • Features an impressive toe cap for protecting your toes while fighting or training
  • Premium Pick

    Venum Elite Shoes for Boxing

    • It comes with a gripping rubber outsole for increased grip, durability, and stability
    • Its unique curved design lets you quickly adapt a dynamic and offensive boxing style
    • They are super flexible, providing a great range of motion while fighting

Why You Need Proper Boxing Shoes for Men and Women?

Benefits of Boxing Shoes
Benefits of Boxing Shoes

Boxing is a sport that requires the right shoes to be successful. Choosing the wrong type of shoe can lead to injuries and an uneven fight. It’s very important to wear boxing shoes for training or live match.

Whether you’re a professional, amateur, or just a beginner, it’s important to know which type of boxing shoes are best for you.

The best boxing shoes for training ensure that you will develop a strong core and arm strength.

You will also train yourself for endurance when using proper boxing shoes, which is an essential key to fighting.

They can also make your training more enjoyable and less stressful. The right shoes can help prevent injuries and fatigue while giving you a better range of motion.

Your shoes must be of the right size, comfortable, and made from high-quality materials.

Shoes that are too small or too big will cause soreness and prevent you from fighting to the best of your ability. The design of boxing shoes also plays a vital role in what they do best.

Over-the-ankle support is key for athletes who have weak ankles or sprain easily. You may also need boxing shoes with extra padding if you have sensitive feet.

No matter your experience level, this guide will help you find the perfect pair of boxing shoes for you today!

The Best Boxing Shoes to Get for Your Workout

Top Pick

1. Reebok Boot Boxing Shoeu


  • Material- Mesh
  • Closure- Lace-Up
  • Cleats- No cleats
  • Ankle Height- Mid Top
  • Arch Type- Medium

The Reebok Boot Boxing Shoe is an essential addition to any boxing, mixed martial arts, or training athlete’s workout arsenal.

It comes with a unique mid-cut design that provides added stability and support during fast-paced workouts. The mesh fabric allows air to circulate, keeping your feet dry and cool, so your focus stays in the fight.

Also, with an ankle strap and synthetic overlay for added stability, these Reebok boxing shoes are designed to keep you supported during the bout. Durable toe protection ensures you can train confidently, knowing your feet are safe.

Its cushioned midsole absorbs shock for impact protection during combat sports keeping your feet and joints safe.

Finally, when you’re ready to take your training to the next level and get in the ring, fight for real, or just like having a little added protection, there’s no better shoe than the Reebok Boot Boxing Shoe.


  • Can be used for various sports, including boxing, training, combat sports, martial arts
  • Cushioned midsole for shock absorption
  • Provides toe protection
  • Fantastic ankle support


  • Poor sole quality
  • Feels tight in the beginning

2. Adidas Unisex Speedex 18 Boxing Shoes


  • Outsole- Rubber
  • Closure- Laces
  • Midsole- EVA cushioning
  • Upper- Breathable Mesh
  • Fit- Lightweight and supportive

When you’re stepping into the boxing ring, you know that speed is your best defense.

Keep yourself quick on your feet with these Adidas Speedex 18 Boxing Shoes. They are specially built for boxers who need a combination of flexibility and stability.

These boxing trainers feature a foam-lined heel with a strap that secures your foot and soft material in the front of the shoe for flexibility.

The upper is made from a mesh material that provides breathability and durability, and there’s extra stability in the midfoot area to keep you quick on your feet.

These shoes are designed to help you stay fast on your feet and hit hard while staying stable so you can come out on top. The shoe mainly focuses on the fundamental requirements, providing flexibility in the forefoot and stability in the midfoot area.

The Adiwear outsole offers the ultimate in high-wear durability, perfect for those long hours of training or sparring.

If you’re looking for an edge over your opponents, these shoes are it!


  • Highly durable
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Cushioned and secured fit
  • Budget-friendly


  • It feels tight in the beginning 
  • Poor quality laces

3. Venum Elite Shoes for Boxing


  • Outsole- Rubber
  • Closure- Lace-Up
  • Shoe Width- Regular
  • Insole- Bonded insole for avoiding slipping
  • Comfort- Optimized comfort level

Unleash your inner champion with these Venum Elite Boxing Shoes.

Available in five different shades, it’s amongst the best shoes for boxing designed for delivering maximum grip and pivot.

Its outsole features a profiled shape on the front part, which allows you to throw yourself forward while your foot remains stable. This Venum boxing shoe can be used by all levels of fighters, from beginners to professionals.

It will improve your range of motion and allow you to adopt a dynamic offensive fighting style that doesn’t wear you out.

I especially liked its curved profile on the sole of these Venum Elite boxing shoes that gives you a dynamic stance that will help you move quickly without wasting energy.

The lightweight fabric will provide you with an extensive range of motion, while the honeycomb mesh lets your feet breathe during a fight.

Lastly, with reinforced heels and lateral areas, these shoes can absorb shock for your safety.


  • Delivers tremendous comfort while training or fighting
  • It comes with a bonded insole to avoid slipping
  • Breathable honeycomb mesh upper for fantastic passage of air
  • Provides optimal lateral support


  • It runs smaller in size
  • On the costlier side

4. Everlast Elite High Top Boxing Shoes


  • Outsole- Durable Rubber
  • Closure- Lace-Up
  • Width- Regular
  • Comfort- Medium
  • Upper- Breathable Mesh

The Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes are designed to handle all of your boxing needs, whether it’s for the gym or the ring.

It’s amongst the few high-top boxing shoes intended for use in and out of the ring – with a technical sole to maximize traction, flexibility, and support.

What makes it unique is its innovative tread design that prevents slip and optimizes side-to-side movement. At the same time, the open weave mesh upper keeps these shoes lightweight, breathable and comfortable.

With an additional ankle strap, these shoes increase stability and support for those who need it most. Also, the high-top design allows for faster movements in the ring and stable ankle movements.

These shoes for boxing workouts are an excellent option for people looking for tremendous ankle and shin support.


  • The high-top design allows more speed and range of motion during the fight
  • Features an additional ankle strap for added support
  • Extremely lightweight and breathable
  • Durable rubber outsole for better traction and quick movements


  • It has a very long Velcro strap
  • The shoes are not much wide

5. Adidas Box HOG II Boxing Shoes for Training


  • Sole- Synthetic rubber
  • Closure- Lace-Up
  • Shoe Width- Regular
  • Upper- Single-layer open mesh
  • Midsole- Cushioning 

The Adidas Box Hog II Boxing trainers are designed for modern-day boxers.

Considered one of the best boxing shoes for beginners, they have been updated with a low-profile design that’s lightweight and keeps you cool in the ring.

Thanks to its synthetic suede overlays, these workout boxing boots offer maximum durability while maintaining a lightweight and balanced feel. The midsole is thin, intending to provide the quick, responsive moves necessary for boxing.

Lace-up closure for a locked-in fit, topped off with trademark three stripes to the sides, adds credibility to its design.

The EVA cushioned midsole offers stunning footwork movements, while the abrasion-resistant toe cap protects your forefoot for added longevity.

Keep your feet cool and comfortable with these lightweight Adidas boxing sneakers.


  • Comfortable and superb fitting
  • Toe cap for protecting forefoot area
  • Gum rubber outsole provides maximum traction
  • Single-layer open mesh for excellent breathability


  • Limited color options
  • May wear out quickly

6. Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoe for Men


  • Material- Microfiber Leather and Mesh
  • Outsole- Flexible Rubber
  • Build- Mid Height Build
  • Support- Mid Height Ankle Support
  • Upper- Breathable Mesh

If you’re looking for the perfect boxing shoes that can provide the gear necessary to train hard and fight strong, look no further than the Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes.

They are the perfect blend of performance and protection. While training with Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes, you’ll get the right balance of traction, stability, and comfort.

Amongst the best shoes for boxing training, these are considered excellent for both long training sessions and short high-intensity moments in the ring. The flexible rubber outsole will provide you with maximum traction and stability.

Their lightweight design allows for precise, quick movements around the ring. The shoes offer a secure fit with a mid-height build that supports your ankles.

Its cushioned insole conforms to your foot with soft padding, while the mesh ventilation keeps you cool and comfortable as you train.

Also, the shoes feature long laces to maintain stability during fast-paced training sessions while also protecting your ankle in place.


  • Lightweight design for fast-paced movements
  • Grooved soles provide excellent traction
  • Supportive fit with cushioned insoles
  • Wider toe box


  • Poor quality foam insole
  • Not much durable

7. Otomix Warrior Boxing Weightlifting MMA Shoes


  • Material- Polyester
  • Outsole- Rubber
  • Closure- Lace-Up
  • Shoe Width- Medium
  • Use- Boxing, wrestling, weightlifting

Otomix is the leading brand in high-performance athletic footwear, and their Warrior Boxing Shoes are no exception.

With a lightweight but highly durable design, these shoes will offer you the best performance possible.

The Otomix Warrior Boxing Shoes features a wider toe box for those who need extra room, making it one of the best boxing shoes for wide feet.

Apart from boxing, they’re also perfect for wrestling, MMA, martial arts, weightlifting, and bodybuilding.

These boxing wrestling shoes amazed me with their thin sole that grips great whether you’re on the mat or taking your opponent down in the ring.

You’ll also find an added extra ankle support for increased stability and comfort during quick movements. 


  • Added ankle support
  • Ideal boxing shoes for people having wide feet
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Used for boxing, weightlifting, wrestling, etc.


  • Not recommended for people having narrow feet
  • The quality of sole is not too good

8. Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes


  • Material- Nylon, Leather
  • Outsole- Rubber
  • Closure- Lace-Up
  • Design- Low top
  • Support- Ankle Support

The Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes are the go-to shoes for ring boxers looking to take their game to the next level.

These stylish low-top boxing shoes are made with breathable nylon mesh fabric with a sleek patent leather vinyl finish. They also have a sturdy rubber sole which provides support and excellent traction.

The non-slip rubber soles keep you on your feet, while the low-top ankle provides fluidity, support, and ease of movement. These wrestling shoes for boxing are designed to be lightweight, supportive, and flexible.

In my opinion, the low-top design is perfect for fighters who need quick mobility.

Finally, If you’re looking for boxing shoes that offer style, comfort, and performance, then look no further than the Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes.


  • Budget-friendly boxing shoes
  • Non-slip rubber outsole
  • Low top ankle provides better ankle support
  • Runs true to size


  • Less supportive
  • The quality of the material is not too good

9. Ringside Undefeated Wrestling Shoes for Boxing

Sub Title

  • Material- Nylon, Leather
  • Outsole- Rubber
  • Closure- Lace-Up
  • Design- High top
  • Support- Ankle Support

These Ringside Undefeated Boxing Shoes are designed for elite class performance in the ring.

Considered amongst the best wrestling shoes for boxing, they are constructed with a breathable nylon mesh pattern and non-slip rubber sole for added comfort and safety while fighting.

They are uniquely designed with Nylon mesh panels for allowing exceptional ventilation. They allow great air passage and keep your feet cool and fresh even after long hours of boxing workouts.

These sport-specific boxing shoes come with a patent leather vinyl finish and a high-top ankle design for added support to produce elite class performance.

Although Ringside Undefeated boxing trainers deliver incredible ankle support yet, they lack arch support.

So, I’ll not recommend them for people having high arches.


  • Flexible and supportive design
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Offers good traction
  • Perfect fit and build quality


  • It runs larger than its original size
  • No arch support 

10. Everlast PIVT Low Top Boxing Shoes


  • Outsole- Rubber
  • Closure- Laces
  • Shoe Width- Medium
  • Design- Low Top
  • Midsole- Medium cushioning

Discover the perfect formula for speed, comfort, and durability with the Everlast PIVT boxing shoes.

They are lightweight, low-top boxing shoes designed with the understanding that footwork is everything. The low-top design cut suits the speed boxers. It offers more speed and increases the range of ankle and foot movement.

The PIVT Low Top boxing shoes are built with a technical rubber sole for maximum traction, flexibility, and support. Also, the innovative tread design prevents slip and optimizes side-to-side movement.

The open weave mesh upper keeps shoes lightweight and comfortable while providing ventilation to keep your feet relaxed throughout your rounds.

Its awe-inspiring versatile hybrid design lets you do a seamless transition from the gym to canvas for optimal training and competitive performance.

These lightweight low-top boxing shoes are engineered with the needs of elite boxers and protecting their foot.


  • The low-top design ensures quick movements
  • Technical rubber outsole avoids slip
  • Open weave mesh upper provides fantastic breathability
  • It can be used for gym training also


  • Size runs smaller than original
  • Lacks support at the bottom

11. Nike Speedsweep VII Boxing Shoes


  • Outsole- Rubber
  • Closure- Lace-Up
  • Shoe Width- Medium
  • Midsole- EVA sockliner
  • Lace Garage- Velcro

The Nike Speed Sweep VII Boxing Shoe is designed for boxers who need a shoe that can withstand any workout and finish in a championship fashion.

These Nike boxing shoes are designed with comfort in mind and are a great all-around shoe for those looking to train hard without the bulk.

The uppers are constructed from a mesh material that provides breathability and durability, while the toe guard offers extra protection from toe strikes.

You’re going to love the sole of this shoe that features a gum rubber outsole offering excellent traction on any surface. The Nike Speed Sweep VII Boxing Shoes come in various colors and sizes to suit your needs!

With the Nike Speed Sweep VII, you’ll stay focused and flexible in a comfortable shoe that helps ensure your feet and toes stay in line.

It’s amongst the best boxing shoes for beginners, so try it out if you’re going to start your boxing career.


  • Gum rubber outsole provides incredible traction
  • Has an outstanding ventilation system for keeping your feet cool
  • Features EVA sockliner for superb cushioning
  • Excellent fit


  • Minimal color options
  • Design is not too good

How To Choose The Best Boxing Shoes Amongst All?

Boxing is a sport that requires an immense amount of mental and physical strength.

And to be the best, you need to have the right equipment. You’ll need many things as a boxer, but one of the most important pieces is your boxing shoes.

They’re designed to provide you with maximum stability and support for your feet and ankles while doing long hours on the punching bag or your opponent.

To select the best boxing shoes for you, it’s crucial to consider what you’re looking for in a shoe, how long you plan on boxing for, and what level of the boxer you are.

Here’s everything you need to know about choosing boxing shoes!

Prefer Boxing Shoes Over Wrestling Shoes

If you are a seasoned or a pro boxer, consider buying pure boxing shoes rather than wrestling shoes. Wrestling shoes can be used temporarily while boxing only if you are immature or just starting your boxing career.

Finalize Correctly Between High-Top and Low-Top Shoes

Consider the case of high-top and low-top boxing shoes. If you are a fast-paced or speedy boxer, go for low-top boxing shoes. But if you prefer better ankle support and faster foot movements, high-top boxing shoes will be better.

Choose Lightweight Boxing Shoes

I always prefer buying lightweight boxing shoes for quick footwork. They should not act as an obstacle while you are training or having a boxing match. Lightweight shoes for boxing help you move freely and get a better grip on the mat.

Test The Shoes

Don’t finalize your boxing shoes without testing them. If you are buying them online, try them after wearing them. Ensure that your shoe’s size is correct and not too narrow. Even a slight issue can turn into a big problem after. 

What Is the Difference Between High-Top and Low-Top Boxing Shoes?

The world of boxing is intense and competitive. To be at the top of your game, you need to have the best gear, including shoes.

You might be asking yourself, “What should I wear for boxing?” The type of boxing shoe you wear can make all the difference in your performance.

The right fit and style will make you feel like you’re in control, while the wrong choice can take away from your game.

When choosing between low-top and high-top boxing shoes, there are various factors you need to consider before making your decision.

Do you prefer more ankle support or flexibility? Will you be sparring or doing speed work only? 

High tops provide more ankle support, which is crucial if you need to rotate your ankles or turn around quickly.

But some people prefer low tops for their style and comfort level. Low-top boxing shoes are typically lighter, so they’ll be easier to move in.

Some athletes find high tops too constricting, especially when trying to pivot quickly during a match. It’s important to try on both before deciding because there isn’t one pair of boxing shoes that will work for everyone!

In simple words, if you’re looking for shoes that offer more ankle support and stability, then high-top boxing shoes are the right choice.

If you’re just looking for something for pad work or light bag work, then low-top will suffice.

However, there are exceptions to this rule, so consider your individual needs before making a decision.

What Is The Difference Between Boxing and Wrestling Shoes?

Difference between wrestling shoes and boxing shoes
Difference between wrestling shoes and boxing shoes

Most of you must be confused what’s the difference between boxing and wrestling shoes.

Wrestling shoes and boxing shoes are both designed to protect the athlete’s feet during training and competitions.

But what exactly is the difference?

Boxing shoes are designed specifically for a boxer’s foot and offer a wider toe area, a roomier toe box, and a rigid sole. Wrestling shoes will have a less stiff sole, a narrower toe box, and a broader heel designed to provide stability on the mat.

Wrestling shoes should be able to withstand the rigors of wrestling: rolling on mats, slamming into other wrestlers, and fighting for position. They also need to be lightweight and unencumbered by laces or other features that could hinder quick movements.

A boxing shoe is explicitly tailored for punching, focusing on maximizing power behind the punch through a snug-fitting design and providing lateral stability for complex footwork maneuvers such as pivots.

Wrestling shoes are designed for lateral movement, so they’re narrower and have a more pointed toe box.

On the other hand, boxing shoes need to be broader to provide coverage for the foot while still allowing movements in different directions, so they have a wider toe box and a squarer heel.

Wrestling shoes can also be used for boxing, but not vice versa due to the significant differences in design.

These are the main differences between boxing and wrestling shoes so decide the right pair for you accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

u003cstrongu003eAre boxing shoes lightweight?u003c/strongu003e

Boxing shoes are generally lightweight. However, if your boxing shoes are ultra-light, you will get an added advantage in the ring, making your footwork more efficient. 

u003cstrongu003eDo boxing shoes really help?u003c/strongu003e

If you are training for your fitness, boxing shoes are u003cstrongu003eu003cemu003enot necessaryu003c/emu003eu003c/strongu003e. But if you are a serious boxer looking to take your game next level, u003cstrongu003eu003cemu003eboxing shoes are a mustu003c/emu003eu003c/strongu003e. In that case, they should be an important element in your boxing kit.

u003cstrongu003eWhy do boxers wear high shoes?u003c/strongu003e

Most of the pro boxers wear high shoes to ensure stability in the middle of the fight. High boxing shoes provide more stability confirming your ankle doesn’t roll in between of the round. 

u003cstrongu003eWhy are boxing shoes so high?u003c/strongu003e

High-top boxing shoes provide more stability to your ankle and shins during quick movements.

u003cstrongu003eCan you run in boxing shoes?u003c/strongu003e

No, boxing shoes are not for running. They are incredibly lightweight and have a thin sole which is not suitable for running. Let boxing shoes do what it is meant to be! By doing so, you can injure yourself and damage your shoes too.


Boxing shoes are designed to protect your feet during intense workouts. They are designed to maximize power, balance, and energy transfer. They allow for maximum agility and stability while reducing the risk of injury to your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back.

A good pair of boxing shoes will be durable, provide excellent support, and keep you comfortable. So if you find yourself searching for the best boxing shoes, go ahead and order your favorite pair today!

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